Quickfire Mount Kenya Trek

3 Days Mount Kenya trekking adventure via Naromoru route.

The fastest descent and the shortest route to the summit are offered by this three-day ascent to Point Lenana (4985m), the third-highest peak on the Naro Moru route. Hikers will pass through bamboo forests, alpine moors, and mountain rainforests before arriving at the “land of the giants,” which includes giant lobelia, giant heather, and giant groundsel, at an elevation of roughly 3300 metres. Reaching Point Lenana in time to witness a mesmerising sunrise over this surreal and dramatic alpine scene atop Kenya’s highest point involves hiking up the Teleki Valley, which offers amazing views of the main peaks.

Itinerary for 2 day quickfire Mount Kenya trek

Day 1: Nairobi – Naro Moru Route (200 kms, 3 to 4 hours)

After breakfast, we depart Nairobi at 07:30 am, and drive north through Kikuyu-land and rich farmland, where coffee and pineapple plantations flourish in the fertile foothills of Mount Kenya. The road climbs gently and steadily to the market town of Naro Moru, which serves as the most straightforward base for our mountain trek and marks the entrance to Mount Kenya National Park. After a picnic lunch, we begin our trek from the park gate, and you leave the conifer plantations and occasional shambas behind as the path twists and climbs through shaggy forest into a zone of colossal bamboo. We hike as far as the Met Station (3048m), which takes 3-4hrs gaining an elevation of 600m, and this is where you spend the first night in bandas with bunk beds.

Day 2: Hike Up Teleki Valley to Mackinder’s Camp

After an early start from the Met Station, we hike up into the Teleki Valley and the route crosses a boggy area, and up into another vegetation zone of giant heather. You follow the contours across the valley side and jump, or cross by stepping stones, over the snowmelt in the Naro Moru stream. Then the path follows a high ridge with the peaks of Batian and Nelion towering magnificently above. The day’s hike from the Met Station to Mackinder’s Camp (4100m)takes 5-6 hrs over a 1200m ascent and accommodation is in a cosy stone hut with bunk beds

Day 3: Ascend Mount Kenya – Nairobi (200 kms, 3 to 4 hours)

A pre-dawn start is made to ensure a successful summit of Point Lenana (4985m) and in time for a clear view of Mount Kenya’s peaks before the clouds descend.We depart around 3am and the final trek takes 3-4 hours across bare rock and scree slopes, allowing you to get to the summit by dawn for a fabulous view—in the right conditions, from northern Kenya on one side to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania on the other.The descent doesn’t take long, and after congratulating yourself for the tremendous achievement of summiting Mount Kenya, we take a short break for breakfast back at Mackinder’s, and get all the way down to the Met Station and the park gate. Here you will meet our driver for the journey back to the Nairobi and will arrive in the early evenin