Mount Kenya Day trip

Nature Lovers trip to Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is a terrific place to spend a day excursion, whether you have limited time to discover Kenya’s natural beauty or want to add an extra day to the beginning or conclusion of a lengthy safari vacation. You won’t have enough time to complete the ascent in a day, but you will still get an opportunity to learn about the mountain’s environmental and geological significance. The second-highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kenya is a magnificent, dormant volcano rising out of the East African plains. The multi-peaked mountain that gave Kenya its name is covered in glaciers and is home to a variety of stunning and rare animals and vegetation.

About the Mount Kenya day trip

Nairobi – Mount Kenya

(180 km, 3 – 4 hours)

This quick trip of Mount Kenya’s lower levels offers two pick-up locations: if you’ve decided to remain in the Nanyuki area, start a little later. On the other hand, start early from Nairobi, having someone pick you up from your hotel, flat or airport.

Your trekking experience on Kenya’s second-tallest peak will be the same regardless of where you begin. You will go nine kilometers up the mountain to see as much as you can in one day.

At this altitude, your walk will take you through the bamboo jungle and onto the mountain’s forested inclines. Because of the former volcano’s milder environment and a plenty of water, the foliage is lush, and your knowledgeable guide will assist you identify many different creatures and birds.

You have a picnic lunch after hiking for around 9 km, and then you descend down to your tour car, which is waiting for you. This is an ideal spot to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, take in the fresh air, and relax while taking in the tranquil environment.

Once you return to your starting place, we will pick you up in our safari vehicle and drive you to the location of your choice, which could be a hotel you have reserved in the town of Nanyuki, your home, the Nairobi airport, or your hotel.