Mount Kilimanjaro trekking - Lemosho route

Trekking to the top of Africa via the Lemosho Route

The Lemosho Route is often regarded as the most exquisite among all the trekking trails leading up to Mount Kilimanjaro. It traverses the entire Shira Plateau, providing a pleasant and relatively effortless hike. The route remains less crowded until it merges with the Machame route near Lava Tower. Being one of the newer routes on the mountain, it offers several advantages over the Machame route, making it a viable option for travelers with extra time. Commencing from the Londorossi Gate on the western slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, the Lemosho Route meanders through a secluded section of the mountain. This trail guides hikers through a stunning rainforest, where they may have the opportunity to encounter wildlife along the way. The forests are home to black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, small lizards, and a diverse array of birds. Subsequently, the path leads onto the Shira Plateau, crossing it from west to east on terrain that is relatively flat and easy to traverse.

itinerary for 7 days mount kilimanajro trek via Lemosho Route

Day 1 – Lemosho Glades

From your lodge, we will make our way to the Londorosi gate on the Western side of Mt. Kilimanjaro (a few hours drive from Arusha). We will begin our hike at the Lemosho trail head.
Please note that in rainy/muddy conditions, sometimes the vehicles can’t make it to the true trailhead so there can be some extra hiking – After a picnic lunch, we will hike for about 4 hours to the forest camp.
In the forest, exotic moss and flowers delight the eye while bird calls entertain the ear. You may see Black and White Colobus monkeys as well as signs of the elephants that travel in this area. We will overnight at Forest Camp.
Hiking: 3-4 hours
Overnight Altitude ~9,498’

Day 2 – Shira Plateau

As we leave the Montane Forest and enter the Hagenia zone, our views open and we will catch our first views of the Kibo peak. This is a good acclimatization hike, as we go up and down several ridges along the way to our highest point of the day at 11,500’ before descending to camp. Overnight at Shira 1 Camp.
Hiking: 6-9 hours
Overnight Altitude 11,500’

Day 3 – Moir Camp

We will traverse the Heath zone of the Shira Plateau and begin climbing the western slope of the Kibo Massif. Along the way, we will enjoy a picnic lunch at Scott Fisher memorial camp (the well-known Mt. Everest guide). We will continue on to the upper heath zone and Moir camp. Depending on the weather, acclimatization hikes can be arranged in the late afternoon
Hiking: 5-6 hours
Overnight Altitude: ~13,650′

Day 4 – Barranco Camp

We leave the heath zone and enter the alpine zone as we hike 4-6 hours past Lava Camp (up to about 14,300’) with its volcanic landscape and then down a bit into the scenic Barranco Valley to camp.
Hiking: 4-6 hours
Overnight Altitude: ~13,044′

Day 5 – Karanga Camp

Ascend the Great Barranco Wall with views of Kilimanjaro’s ice fields, then hike up and down across some small valleys on your way to Karanga Camp.
Hiking: 3-5 hours
Overnight Altitude: ~13,106′

Day 6 – Barafu Camp

Embark on a 3-5 hour hike to reach Barafu Camp, navigating through small valleys with occasional inclines and declines. Once settled in camp, you will receive a demonstration on the proper use of safety equipment such as the Gamow (hyperbolic) bag and oxygen. Enjoy an early supper and rest in camp before your wake-up call for the summit ascent, scheduled around 11:00 PM or midnight.
Hiking: Approximately 3-5 hours
Overnight Altitude: Approximately 15,100 feet

Day 7 – Summit and Mweka Camp

Today is summit day. Begin your ascent to the summit (19,340 feet – 5,896 meters) around 11:00 PM or midnight on the previous night. The ultimate goal, shared by you and numerous other climbers, is to reach the peak just as the sun rises. However, due to variations in hiking speed, energy levels, and altitude acclimatization, climbers typically reach the summit within a span of several hours. Using headlamps (remember to bring extra lithium batteries, as they perform better in cold and dark conditions), you will ascend for 6-7 hours until you reach Stella Point. From there, it will take an additional 1-2 hours to reach Uhuru Peak, the summit. After celebrating and capturing photos at the summit, descend to Barafu camp for lunch, and then continue to Mweka camp for overnight rest. Hiking: The duration of the hike can vary significantly, both during the ascent and descent, typically ranging from 12-17 hours.
Summit Altitude: 19,341 feet
Overnight Altitude: Approximately 10,448 feet

Day 8 – Mweka Park Gate

Today marks the final descent to the trailhead, which will take approximately 3-5 hours of hiking. Upon reaching the trailhead, enjoy a well-deserved lunch and bid farewell to the mountain crew before departing from Mount Kilimanjaro and returning to town. You can expect to arrive at your lodge usually between 3-5 PM.
Hiking: Approximately 3-5 hours.